a blog on education

A lot has changed since the beginning of the year. I was planning on teaching myself how to code, learning about statistical analysis and hoping to use that to write a load of essays about education. Well, that plan has thoroughly fallen through. I managed to build a website, and got through a basic python/matplotlib course, but when it came to looking at that and exclusions... well life, unions, meetings and other things got in the way.

And then pandemic. At a time when I'd like to think I'd make time for reading and writing I've been busying myself with other things. Maybe important, maybe not. I've also got a new job, way in the weird future. A job in a school again. On paper, my dream school. One in which young people get to choose how they learn and on their own terms. One in which teachers are not bound by fixed curricula, do not have the pressure of internal exams, don't have to cow-tow to ridiculous performance management processes, do not have to engage in shite behaviour policies. A school which is built on trusting young people, teachers and parents and making long lasting relationships in the community. And most importantly: it's free for everyone.

I've never worked in a place like this. I'd dreamed of schools like this, read about them, but didn't really think one would be set up near enough me to get involved. I'm excited to be involved, to actually put my ideals about education into practice, to try and push for a more open, democratic and positive education system and bring some hope that it can be done!

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, this blog will be pivoting, maybe slightly, maybe completely, to a more personal document of where I'm at with education rather than long essays. It's probably redundant seeing as I haven't posted anything yet, but it's useful for me to start somewhere I guess!

xoxo tussarit