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The name comes from a passage in Saku Pinta's chapter 'Educate, Organize, Emancipate' in Anarchist Pedagogies about the 'Tyovaen* Opisto (Work People's College), an immigrant institution very closely tied to Finnish working-class communities in the Upper Midwest' United States in the early 1900s. It aimed to 'promote Finnish language and culture, and address the growing need for a formal liberal education among new immigrants'. It became an important place for the the Industrial Workers of the World union and a vital space for educating the working class immigrants.

Radical students at the school were pejoratively labeled tussarit (meaning 'gunslingers' or 'gunhawks') by their opponents - a term which was irreverently reclaimed and proudly adopted by pro-IWW WPC students as their own... the now independent pro-IWW faction promptly gained stock ownership of the school.

*Still trying to work out how to pop umlauts on words... hmu if you know how to do this!